Anomaly 015: Liberal Angel

Anomaly-015 Moniker: Liberal Angel Threat Level: Lambda 5 Description: Anomaly-015 stands at four feet tall, swathed in an over-sized blue robe, sporting two enormous gauntlets, and two tiny crow wings. Hiding its hideous figure underneath, Anomaly-015 is extremely shy about their physical appearance. Very anxious over their title “Angel of Liberal Arts”. Anomaly-015’s personality is […]

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Anomaly-014: Automata Head

Anomaly-014 Moniker: Automata Head Threat Level: Iota Phi Omicron Description: Anomaly-14 is a damaged four and a half foot tall metallic head weighing approximately four hundred pounds. The outer alloy is of an ornate filigree design made of the material AMC-881. Anomaly-014 sports no other facial features apart from two glowing eyes. Anomaly-014 is sentient, […]

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Anomaly-013: The Guardian

Anomaly-013 Moniker: The Guardian Threat Level: Phi Omicron Description: Anomaly-013 stands at seven feet tall, sporting long sandy hair, and clothed in black robes from given by CONFIDENTIAL. Described as a heavenly beauty, ‘sculpted by God himself’ for The Subject’s testimony. Anomaly-013’s flesh is a flexible alabaster and weighed in at seven hundred pounds. Anomaly-013 […]

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Anomaly-012: Inept Demon Thief

Anomaly-012 Moniker: Inept Demon Thief Threat Level: Beta to Kappa 1 Description: Anomaly-012 stands at three feet high on four legs or five feet on two legs. Flesh is that of consistent, black, rubbery scales. Shovel shaped head sports two large, independent eyes, nostrils, and a wide mouth filled with pointed teeth. Limbs used for […]

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Anomaly-011: The Durable Prince

Anomaly-011 and Anomaly-011-A Moniker: The Durable Prince Anomaly-011 Threat Level: Gamma 3 Anomaly-011-A Threat Level: Beta 1 Combined Threat Level: Gamma 4 Description: Anomaly-011 discovered on the ruined planet of CONFIDENTIAL. Anomaly-011 appears to be a six and a half foot tall grey gargoyle, thin, and wiry with some muscle density. Anomaly-011 has one set […]

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Anomaly-010: The Black Cube

Anomaly-010: Moniker: The Black Cube Threat: Iota 1 Description: Anomaly-010 is 4 inches by 4 inches by 4 inches in a perfect cube shape. Anomaly-010 is described as the color of ’empty deep space’. The Subject’s testimony declared they could not feel Anomaly-010 with sense of touch, weight, smell, light, or perception. Anomaly-010 leaks low […]

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Not a Chapter: Updates and Book 3

It’s been too long. I’ve been busy with life, relationship, and work. The first book is about 50% rewritten, which I will be updating the older chapters. I have removed many superfluous chapters which will be added later as new content. Book 3’s draft is almost complete. Tetra’s rewrite is underway, which will be posted […]

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