After Megiddo: A Series



The Passing of the Old; The Beginning of the New.

A triplicate of stories weaved together based on Christian mythos and personal dreams.

A son of the CEO of a galactic corporate empire had little prospects. Gideon McDonough took the only opportunity he had for a true life of glory; test flying the newest breakthrough in interstellar travel on the hidden planet of Karmmrak. The flight critically fails, with Gideon and his crew being sent to the edges of the strange uncharted universe, all occupied by humanity’s first contact and greatest enemy.
An automata of strange origins was buried under rock and soil of an unknown planet. Trapped in her tomb of rocks and debris for eons, she is forced to relive the same day for eternity. Damaged and alone, Sol tries to alert others to her plight, unable to move or repair herself. A bizarre rescuer comes to her aid unintentionally, and thus begins her journey of rediscovery of who she was. Sol discovers she’s far more than just a simple automata.
A not so simple woman from a simple seaside village succeeded in her trials for recruitment on the planet Magara. The Church in control of the planet, coupled with strict population controls, has assigned Tettra to her calling as an archeologist. Coupled with her aeromancy that was the key to her victory over her trials, she journeys to the Basilica Conurbation to fulfill her calling. Along the way she stumbles across a conspiracy, finding her life now on the razor line with new and unexpected trials.
The disturbing dreams and visions they all receive foreshadow a dark future.

(Disturbing Themes, Strong Language, Violence, Christian Themes)

Begin: The Book of Gideon: Freeze – 1

And now I am working on the second book of the series.

The Book of Soltana:

Rescued from her stone tomb of eternity from a strange alien life named L’yophin, Soltana awakens to find herself as a guest in her savior’s mansion. Being just the sole surviving head of an ancient automata leaves her solely dependent on others. As she dreams, she unlocks more of herself, more of her lost past. She desires to move once again, with the assistance of her spidery savior. Little does she realize her fate has a different direction. She will explore this new strange realm. In the blackness under the unknown planet, Soltana sets out to discover herself, and help her new friend.

Her adventure begins.

Into the Underrealm.

A being awakens. She finds herself trapped in the blackness of a strange crevice. She remembers little of what happened up above. She has a good idea of what she is. Horror, chimera, mimic, monster, Maw. She prowls the blackness, trying to survive the bizarre realm, devouring any that oppose her and taking their abilities; and their form. There she attempts to recover the broken pieces of her mind and gather strength to return up above. Maw sets out to discover who she is and grow in might.

Her journey begins.

Into the Underrealm.

An Emerald God shrieks in victorious laughter over his slain followers, his ruined city, and his eons of work snuffed out; all of it worth the small fruit of success. The scheming Fallen Angels plot the conquest of the planet in the blackness of stone and shadow; for the glory of their god. A lone Angel wards the planet, the last of his loyal kind. Little does he realize the budding of storms that surrounds him.

They all coalesce.

Into the Underrealm.

The chaos and suffering will be legendary.

Read the preview here: The Book of Soltana Glossary

I was inspired to write over a year ago through drastic changes in my life. Another was due to the strange dreams I began to have of the Apocalypse.  I have been writing since Christmas 2017 and have been making great strides.


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