The Book of Gideon: Sealed – 16

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Unknown Dusk Moon


“…So, in conclusion, a Tesseract is a theoretical 4th dimensional abstract.”

Shindow had just finished explaining a Tesseract to the two beleaguered crewmates. Their sturgeon faced looks told it all. Shindow, with a wave of her hand, rolled up the orange ‘white’ board to vanish it.

“This is an impossible item and I have no idea what it means, or what it can do. Baxter can view it, but it is encrypted in their language, making moving or decrypting impossible; it is simply incompatible. Also how an abstract can exist is beyond me. I believe it is simply a name for one of their artifacts.” Shindow concluded her assessment.

“Well, there’s an answer, but more now only questions. I wished we could have it materialized and dump it on their rock; let them deliver it,” Gideon mused with a hint of bitterness.

“No use in thinking about it now. Gideon, we need to get you stabilized. The medicine simply kills the pain, but that arm is going to need setting. The ribs we can run a marrow regeneration nanite culture on. The spine and muscle can have regeneration done too. However, as the newly appointed medical officer….” Shindow began as she was enveloped by a flash of orange light around her, showing her new attire as a doctor; head mirror and coat with a cross on it..

“You need rest. Now.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Gideon said hoarsely.

His bed had been setup and Gideon thanked himself for his quick thinking on grabbing the loose items on the Decima. He shuffled to his bed, having switched out his space suit for the more comfortable jumpsuit. Baxter was already jumping into his own bed and dozing almost immediately. Gideon had one last thought before bed.

“Shin, I think the Empire of Dusk setup the item to have negative permissions. That is to say they blocked information access from all users of god admin and downward. Baxter’s access was a rogue entity they did not expect, like a cubby in an asteroid. We shouldn’t even know what this item is. If we ever get to Lo IX, something I’m not considering anymore, we don’t let them know we know.”

“Those are some good points. Now sleep.”

Melatonin Xyphlama injected

“That’s just not fair,” Gideon’s last thoughts as he was medically put under.

Gideon Dreamed.

He was watching a girl- a woman. She was flying through time and space. Through memories of long past, and those to come. She enjoyed life in a disjointed happy mess. Sleeping in one moment, laughing with friends in the next. She was gorgeous, charismatic, and not just a little goofy. He could see himself in a meadow, experiencing the season’s change. He was staring at her back as she enjoyed the sights, smells, and sounds. There was a crack of a branch and she turned to see the source of the noise. He sees her eyes of deep emerald, but he could see no more as he is snatched away to the white room once again.

Who was that? Gideon wondered.

His thoughts were interrupted by his own memories flooding back to him.

The dream of the sacrificial boy. He remembered the boy’s choice of damnations. The massive face in the blackness of Nothing.

The woman dressed in nunnery garb, Ruth, comforting her dying friend or mother. The strange man that could see Gideon.

The dream of Chamuel, Earth and the pirates. The horrific fight followed by grace. Then a trap. Chaumuel saw Gideon and ordered him to remember the name of pirate captain Jeremy Harker.

He remembered the horrifying dream of Lucifer’s freedom. The shear strength, deception, and madness of a fallen angel. He remembered most of all the terror of her mad rage. The eyes. That was what he remembered. The rage that would crush a man at a glance.

And now the dream of a girl.

What did this all mean?

“Well, it means that things are changing. The realm has changed,” The voice was soft and ancient of a hundred-year-old man.

He walked up beside Gideon. Dressed in a simple white robe with a small walking staff. A white beard to his knees and eyebrows covering his eyes. He had a bulbous nose and defined cheeks of one that smiled often.

Gideon was surprised by the sudden appearance of the ancient man and backed up. The man let out a soft chuckle in response to the caution as he inspected himself.

“Oh, you didn’t have any expectation of what I’d look like, did you?” He trailed off to a hoarse mumble.

“Wait, who are you?” Gideon asked.

He was still trying to catch up with the remembrance of the dreams. Why they seemed to leave his mind upon waking.

“Oh, I have many names. You may know me as Adonai,” He said half matter-of-factly and half absently.

“What,” Was all Gideon could say.

“An apt reaction, yes…” Adonai ran his fingers through his beard.

“I was the one sending you these dreams, Gideon. I am choosing you and others like you. To raise you up as warriors, peacekeepers; stewards.” He announced.

“What,” Gideon managed to shake off initial shock and wanted answers.

Gideon shook his head, regaining his composure.

“Alright, so say this is true. Where am I exactly?” Gideon asked.

“Where you’ve been before,” Adonai said with a smile.

“No. Not here! The moon, where I’m stuck-”

Adonai walked up to Gideon and embraced him in a hug. It surprised Gideon and his arms were pinned to his side.

Adonai let him go, gently smiling up at Gideon. I have some time to answer your questions about the visions. Gideon stood there stupefied at not only the vision of seeing what was supposedly God but the nonchalantness of his character.

“I don’t have time to chat, sadly. I’m fairly busy these days, otherwise, I wouldn’t have need of Seal holders.”

Adonai grabbed Gideon’s hand and pressed it firmly in between his hands. The pressure felt overwhelming, threatening to crush it. Gideon gasped in pain. As quickly as the pressure came, it left. Gideon pulled back his hand to notice it was smoking; it was hot. He waved his hand around quickly but noticed there was no pain. He looked at his hand’s dorsum and saw a symbol was branded into his hand.

The symbol was,


“That is my Seal. The Seal of the Tetragrammaton. This gives you the authority to enter any of my domains, make use of any of my servants, their artifacts and gives you keys to the kingdom. It will also give you power. My power. My covenants,” Adonai explained, but it wasn’t enough for Gideon.

“You are the ninth to receive this power. The first and the twelfth will find you. The tenth is close by.” Adonai further explained.

“What the hell is this!? Why now? Where have you been? All this time I’ve been waiting for you.” Gideon began, a repressed frustration starting to build up.

He felt at his right hand, feeling the Seal.

“You can’t open a door with a clenched fist. It was the other way around; I’ve been waiting for you.” Adonai replied with a nod of his head.

“What?” Gideon replied, confused.

He held his right hand, feeling at the raised grooves of the Seal. It still felt warm.

“You have been making choices with your own might. Your faith was in your families’ faith. It has not blossomed on it’s own.” Adonai explained.

“Then why choose me, with whatever this is?” Gideon replied, frustration boiling up and out.

He pointed to the Seal, his face scowled with anger.

“Because you’re the one I need. Think of the seeds that have been planted that now sprout in the right season.” Adonai stated with a smile and tip of his staff.

“I will speak on this later. Time is short.” Adonai declared and began to walk away.

“Wait, I don’t understand! What the hell is going on?” Gideon pleaded.

“Don’t worry, you’ll have answered questions soon! And we will speak again, my beloved son!” Adonai shouted back. He was miles away suddenly.

Gideon felt the dream- no the vision had ended.

Gideon awoke to dull pain all over his body. He slowly opened his eyes, the previous few hours coming back to him, as well as the visions. He felt like something was unlocked, he could remember every detail of those visions.

Seal of the Tetragrammaton… Meet the first and the twelfth… The tenth is close by… The realm has changed… Gideon mused.

What the hell is going on?


Space madness? He added with dry humor.

It was a possibility he had simply lost grip with reality. He didn’t bother to sit up. Shindow must have done bone and muscle regeneration as well as setting his arm. It was difficult to tell as his whole body had a dull throb to it, like being heated by a lamp.

What did it all mean?

A Gnat was floating in front of his face. It had a simple ASCII smile on it’s face.

“Uh, hello?” Gideon mumbled

“Baka!” It said with a grin and flew off.


Did it understand the context of that word?

He had chosen the Panasian’s ancient ancestral language, he enjoyed the sound of it.

“Gideon, you’re awake!” Shindow flew over and sat on his chest.

“I’ve reset the arm and the regeneration was successful. Your ribs will be a few more days of treatment to fully seal them. So bed rest for you. I’ve calculated we have around 5 months of supplies, thanks to Baxter’s theft and your quick thinking grabbing the crates on the Decima.”

Gideon noticed an absence.

“Wheres Baxter?”

“Scouting outside!” Shindow said with a closed eye smile.

“You let him outside? Alone?” Gideon replied, eyebrows raising at that.

The Rumblers.

Shindow’s facade cracked.

“Well he needed to go out and he has the Gnats supporting him and he was trying on the new armor and he needed…”

Shindow kept talking and making excuses with a guilty smile on her face.

“And you needed him to grab some stuff and things to test,” Gideon finished.

“Well if you put it that way; aye aye sir!” Shindow saluted and flew away. Gideon could do little but fuss as he was bed bound.

And think. He let out a deep sigh at the misfortune of the past few days.

Nothing made sense anymore. How quickly it all went mad.

“Adonai is real. Like real real. And He…” Gideon looked at his right arm, the one Adonai touched.

His right arm that was broken and set in a cast. He couldn’t see if it was the there; that Seal of the Tetragrammaton. He felt exhausted already, taking medication to go to sleep. There was no vision this time.


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