The Book of Gideon: Awake – 21

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Unknown Dusk Moon


It had been asleep for eons. Hiding under the earth. It even forgot what consciousness was, so it kept on its side, thinking. On why it was here, what it had been doing up to this point. It remembered fighting.

It remembered fighting others like itself and the almost infinite combat against others. It remembered winning and devouring the losers; as was his right in the rules of combat. It then turned its attention to fighting ones that glowed like the sun. It was then he took more than it could handle, losing terribly, but It survived. It remembered the time of Judgment and being dispersed back into oblivion. Even then, it survived in the depth of blackness. It survived its ancient home once again. It then went back to what it did best, more fighting and devouring of others like it. There It found the strength to break free again.

There it emerged in the blackness of space. It traveled, alone and forgotten.

It had a name.

He had a name.

His name was,

He forgot.

It was eons since anyone called him by his name, so long that even he had even thought of it. One day it was gone. He knew not how long he traveled in the vastness of space. Any other being would have gone mad with travel, but it had survived much worse. He felt a pull, a calling to a planet. He simply followed his instinct and went, traveling for eons to arrive at a forgotten moon. There he discovered more of what he desired; more fighting. He battled large sentinels alongside strange metal mountains. The battle was so fierce the moon whittled down, with the majority of the mass changing to his ash remnants. He fought one that glowed like the sun. He did battle with them for ages. He was ultimately victorious.

And ultimately defeated.

Back and forth he fought. He eventually tired of it, burrowing underground and going dormant.


Then he smelled it; a scent he could never forget. It was an ancient scent yet it was somehow new. It was alluring in a way he couldn’t resist; it was something he instantly desired. He shuffled from his hibernation and sat up crossed legged. He stretched his large wingspan, cracking his neck of borderline stone. He yawned loudly enough the trembled the dust of the room free. He sat and smelled; soaking in the new smell. It was pungent which implied that it was near.


He said with a rumbling baritone. A human so far away from home.

“How did it get here?” He asked no one.

“It matters not. I cannot resist.”

He got up and stretched his double joined haunches, they ended in three sharp-clawed talons. It hands long arms, reaching almost to its toes. The arms ended with long, hook clawed hands, six fingers for each hand. Four fingers and two thumbs. His prehensile wings ended in hooked claws. He had black grey stone skin that flexed with corded muscles. His face resembled a sad gargoyle with blunted features. He stood around six and a half feet tall in a stoop. He was in a small cavern that housed him, made of packed grey ash-dust. The demon had finished it’s stretch and was ready to sniff out this human.

Demon’s had categories of their strength:

The weakest Lesser Demon, that could hurt an average person.

The average Demon, which was where most demons resided, could damage a town.

Rare Greater Demons, which could level small civilizations.

Elder demons which were thousands in numbers were thought of as galactic disasters.

Barons, Dukes, Princes, which were hundreds in number, could rule all if they stopped fighting one another.

The Elder Demon began to dig itself out.

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Author’s note: Thus ends Act two. Now enter Act 3

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