The Book of Gideon: Name – 26

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Sol Dreamed again.

She remembered the Dugrum spider L’yophin was working on building her a battery. Her systems needed a reboot to enmesh with her. She hoped he wouldn’t think she was powered down for good. She was happy they had gotten at least this far. A new power supply would prevent her from being shut off so soon and also prevent the memory loss she was afflicted with.

She would need to repay the Dugrum for his help. Somehow.

Or blessed with, as being trapped in a stone tomb for ages would have driven her mad if she remembered the details.

She was floating in the deep vastness of space. She could move her arms and legs again! She tried to look at her limbs, but they appeared as black silhouettes.

“Odd,” Sol said out loud. Her voice was clear as a crystal bell, with not a single hint of electronic interference.

Sol could feel a heat behind her, see the rays of white light passing her by.

Sol could turn in the zero gravity of space. She could see the full glory of a white supergiant sun. The sun was filled with white smoke and particles flowing inside, mixing with the black discharge. The beauty of the corona was awe striking.

It spoke.

“My beloved. My beloved!

“You are now found.”

“You were once lost, but now are found!”

“There brings me no greater joy than to see one of my beloved returned.”

The voice thundered, a great

“This is just the start, so rest and let your caretaker work. He is clever and will know what to do. I led him to you. The centuries of plans to rescue you have bore fruit. Now we can do more than just speak to one another.”

“You’ve visited me before, my Adonai?” Sol asked. Sol knew who he was by instinct; the child knew her father’s voice.

“Every day. This form is what you expected the most.” Adonai responded.

“But due to your damage, your memory was impaired. Every time we spoke, it was the first time.” Adonai sounded sad at this revelation.

“So someone was trying to rescue me!” She exclaimed. She felt lighter now.

“Of course! After what happened, I could never simply leave you.” Adonai explained.

There was a rumbling in the blackness of the vision.

“I need to leave you for now. But first. I give you this.”

“Your name.”

“Your true complete name is Soltana.” The voice boomed with absolute authority. The sun exploded with power as Soltana went sent spinning into space.

She was struck by this revelation.

“Sol…Tana…” She said to herself, it echoed off of nothing, ringing to her ears.

Her very being accepted that this is truth.

Soltana asked one more question. The hard question, the one nagging at her this entire time.

What happened to me?” Soltana asked.

“A disaster has happened, I lack time to explain. All will be revealed soon.”

Soltana didn’t even know what to say.

“A disaster?” Soltana Pondered.

She remembered the dream of the man walking along a grey ash dead moon with his comrades. She saw a new vision of an army besieging the temple he had taken refuge in. She saw the hideous being in command crushing them down to the man.

“Gideon. His name is Gideon McDonough and he will need your help.”

“But how? How can I help him? I do not know where I am. Or what I am…”

“Do not worry. All will be revealed soon.”

“What does this all mean?”

“It means that you shall be raised up as a champion. Twelve others will be raised in total; including you.”

“You know of one. Gideon McDonough.”

“You know of another. Ruth.”

“You’ve seen glimpses of a third.”

“You will know of others. The one who rescued you will assist. He is trustworthy.”

“As you are repaired, you will remember more.”

“Such is your being.”

Soltana was taken to a massive room made of white and silver. She could see creatures, words, quotes, pictographs, pictures, and images designed along the walls, all attached to one another. Everything about this room felt familiar. Soltana felt her being tremble in recognition. She saw scientific equipment dotting the room in orderly arrays. She walked among the very small equipment, as she was in her twenty-foot form, her body was hazy and ethereal. She knelt down to inspect the equipment. She could see a smaller version of herself, made of copper with filigree inlay and grooved designs. Her being lept at that. She knew this place.

She rose to her feet and went to inspect the other pieces of equipment, finding similar beings such as her in various states of wholeness. There she spotted a twenty-five-foot capsule, containing a being within. Soltana moved to peek inside.

She saw the filigree adamantite of its head, the dim lights of the eyes, and the featureless mannequin face.

It was her. She was seeing herself.

“She is gorgeous, isn’t she?”

She turned to see the man who spoke. He was clothed in flowing robes of black and red, his face was half cybernetics and he had golden blond hair as he gazed into the massive capsule.

He looked up at her with a smile.

She was dragged away to the massive universe as before, with the massive God-sun to greet her.

“Was that-”

“Yes. That was where you were created. Where you were born.”

Soltana put those visions aside and pushed forward on her questions.

“But where are you?”

“More will be revealed to you. I’ve shown you a small taste.”

“How long has it been? How long was I trapped?”

The voice paused, Soltana could sense an intense pain of eons. Of a father that had lost a daughter.

“It had been twelve thousand years that you have been trapped under rock and tomb.”

She could say no more as she felt everything fade.

The dream ended.

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