The Book of Gideon: Void – 36

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Unknown Dusk Moon


Gideon dreamed.

He was floating in a black void without stars or light. It was strange as he felt lit up and out of place, like a spotlight was on him. Gideon found he could turn freely, almost like he was in water. He turned to see another staring back. The thing with the black blank eyes and white-toothed mouth. It was floating there, watching with curiosity. Gideon got a better look at it now in this dream. It appeared to be in the blackness or it was the blackness. It hovered in close, mouth pursed. It then smiled and quickly licked Gideon with an enormous tongue, which felt like getting wiped by a large towel. The face backed off and giggled.

It sounded like the laugh of a little girl. It spoke.

“You’re weird!” The voice sounded of a young girl.

“I’m not the one licking people!” Gideon shot back, still thrown off at getting tasted.

“Well, I can’t exactly shake hands… So mleh!” She said, sticking out her long tongue.

She had the mannerism of someone young. Whatever she was, she wasn’t violent, Gideon hoped. She seemed like the being from the first dream, just tiny and female.

“What’s your name?” Gideon asked.

“My name is… Um.” The voice went silent. Gideon could see her blinking, her eyes moving around in thought.

“It’s… Like nothing. Empty… Vacant… Null…” The voice began speaking out loud, trying to remember her own name. Gideon helped.

“Void?” Gideon guessed.

“That’s it! My name is Void.” She said excitedly. She moved in close to Gideon. Her pointed teeth were perfect isosceles.

“My name is Gideon. Have I seen you before?” Gideon introduced and asked in turn.

“Yes.” She answered like shut door.

“From where?” Gideon asked.

“Well… You were flying in a big ship through me. I was curious and decided to see. The ship was scary, but I did get to touch you. I never saw something like that before. Now I see a whole lot of them.” She responded.

“See who?” Gideon asked.

He still remembered his hand being touched by her.

“Well others like you. Others not like you. A biiiig ship, those that glow, and an army.” Void responded, being vague.

“I guess the question is, why am I dreaming of this? Dreaming of you?” Gideon asked.

“I guess because I touched you.”

“But what is this? Some alternate dimension?”

“This? Oh. It’s nowhere.”

The answer was frustrating at best.

“I don’t understand why I’m even seeing you right now.”

“Because I want you to, silly!” She replied with a giggle.

“Out there is exciting! So you are exciting.”

Her unfathomable logic couldn’t be argued with.

“Tell me more.” She demanded with a dead-eyed grin.

“Uh, alright? We’re lost in space on a dead Empire of Dusk moon.”

“Ooooh!” She exclaimed.

“I was on an experimental test flight and we were thrown off course-”

“Oh no!” She interrupted with a faux gasp.

“-That was when we- or I- met you.”

“Yay me!”

Gideon breathed out a sigh. He was speaking to an egotistical child.

“We fought a strange alien. Demon? With another alien. Or an Angel? I don’t know what the hell is happening anymore. And apparently, it’s after Armageddon. And I missed it.”

“That’s a lot of questions for a story!” She added with a giggle.

“Because I don’t know what’s going on!” Gideon replied, irate and fearful of Baxter and the demon.

She giggled at that, closing her eyes in laughter. She stopped suddenly, snapping her eyes open and gazing at him. Those dead black pools were troubling to look at. Gideon looked away from them.

“That’s easy! You came here and time passed by in a blink!”

She blinked her eyes quickly at him, sporting a dopey grin.

“And then you also got lost, that’s sad!”

“And then you fought a demon. Dumb demon! And you might have lost!”

“And an angel is there. Dumb angels!”

“You don’t like them? I mean demons I can see- but angels?”

“I don’t mind them. I just only want to kill them forever.”

Gideon’s heart stopped upon hearing that.


“And now you learned of Arm-ee-a-ged-done!” She said, butchering the word like so much fatted calf.

“Armageddon?” He corrected, eyes wide with shock at what he just heard.

She suddenly went from harmless to incredibly dangerous in a split second.


“What did you just say back there-”

She may try to kill me.

“And no we get to meet again! This is the best.”

“And look at your hand! He got you too, didn’t He?” Void asked, changing the subject completely.

He was caught in a hurricane controlled by a toddler. He was just debris in her storm.

Gideon gazed at the Seal upon his right hand’s dorsum. He had forgotten about it in all the fight and turmoil. He didn’t even know the purpose as Adonai had been vague about it bestowing his power and authority on him. His covenants.

“I’ll get that big meanie!” She cried, her eyes narrowing at Gideon.

Please don’t mistake me for him.

He suddenly had an image of a child throwing a tantrum, smashing a pet hamster in the turmoil.

Her demeanor cooled as she gazed back with her large toothy grin. He decided to probe for more info.

“Why do you hate Him?”

A flash of agony crossed her face for a brief second before she recovered.

What the hell was that??

“Now that I’ve touched you, we can have so much fun!”

Jesus Christ, please end this nightmare.

“You know you look cute when you’re terrified? I could just nibble you!”

She snapped her teeth together, the crack ringing his ears.

Please don’t.

“But you would die! And I would be sad.

Her smiling face flipped upside down, or Gideon was flipped upside down- he couldn’t tell.

“Aren’t I cute?”

Oh my God, please don’t ask those types of questions.

“Uh, sure.”

“Mleh!” She stuck out her tongue, surprising Gideon.


Yes!” Gideon was quick to say and correct.

A being of incredible power and the ego of a child could get angry at the wrong answer.

“You’re lying! But I believe you.” She said with a giggle.

“Well, I wasn’t the one who brought you here.” She began.

My big brother was the one who wanted to talk again. He was rudely interrupted. He didn’t like that,” Void stated plainly with a giggle.

B-big brother?” Gideon stammered as he asked.

The being from the first dream. The boy and the sacrifice. The phantasmagoric creature on par with a god.

Gideon turned.

What was blackness before opened its eyes, revealing large black eyes the size of suns, and a mouth the size of a nebula. It had the same vacant smile and dead eyes. The pointed teeth shone under the smile.

“Hello, Gideon. I was curious as to why you were seeing me in dreams. Now I know. Your ship was covered in our energy, just as you were touched by my sister.” The voice boomed.

“But I dreamed of you before I entered or passed through Void,” Gideon argued, confused and terrified. Void giggled at that. She spoke off to the side, barely a whisper compared to the cataclysmic voice of the larger being.

“That’s me!”

“Time matters not. If you touched us, you’ve always touched us.” He explained clear as Void.

“Yup! It’s been three times now!”

“What are you?” Gideon asked. He felt the dream ending and the purpose of it still eluding him.

“Me?” It asked.

It flew in close.

“Here we go!”

He was larger than Gideon could process.

His words felt larger than anything Gideon could imagine.



The dream ended as his mind buckled.

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