The Book of Soltana: Vessel – 6

More dreams of a familiar face. -Bladed Pen



Soltana Dreamed.

She was on the bridge of a vessel. It was ornately decorated, down to the engravings that flowed from words to iconography seamlessly. She knelt down, inspecting the gorgeous handiwork.

“Fascinating,” Soltana commented.

She looked up, staring into the eyes of a tiny orange floating AI. It floated there, blinking at her, shock evident on her face. Soltana acted quickly.

“Hello, I mean you no harm. I am unsure where I am. Who are you?” She began.

“What the hell…” The soft digital voice spoke.

The AI flew in, inspecting her, hand to her mouth.

“What are you?” The AI asked as she turned to the side, cautious of the new visitor.

It was fair to answer the AI’s questions first as Soltana was the guest.

“I am unsure. My name is Soltana. I am currently dreaming.”

“You and me both. My name is Shindow and you’re aboard the Decima,” She said with a graceful spinning curtsy.

“The Decima… This is a very fine vessel. And not my first dream.”

“It certainly is great! What dreams did you have?” Shindow asked, adjusting her holographic glasses.

Soltana explained her three major dreams of the Nun, the man and his Anforms, and the troubled AI.

“Gideon…” Shindow murmured.

“The second dream was of Gideon. He is the captain of this vessel. And my best friend,” Shindow said, trailing off at the last comment.

“I suspect we will meet, then.”

“Are you the seal holder he spoke of?” Shindow asked.

“Seal… Holder?” Soltana mused, cocking her ethereal head.

“Um, nevermind. You said you’re dreaming. You look vaguely like an Anform, so how can you dream?” Shindow asked, trying to touch Soltana’s ghostly head. The rest of her body was more like fog than anything else.

“I am unsure if I am an Anform. All signs point to something else. Also, you said you’re dreaming, yet you are an AI. How can that be?” Soltana responded before asking in kind.

“You’re asking a question I have little idea on. It just started happening after we were marooned. Not sure where we are. When we are. Nothing makes sense.” Shindow explained.

“I see. I was trapped underground and rescued. After that, I began to dream. Or I suspect I always dreamed, but could never remember due to my damage being severe,” Soltana explained.

“Fascinating. I was attacked by a strange satellite and shutdown after we exited our test run. I think I’m… Dead. Destroyed? Maybe?” Shindow processed, putting her tiny hand to her mouth.

“That is doubtful, otherwise you would not be dreaming with me,” Soltana said assuredly.

“Hmm, I can’t dispute that, so hopefully you’re right. You said you were damaged?”

“Yes. My savior has done well to repair me, as I can remember them now,” Soltana mused.

“Who rescued you?” Shindow asked, sitting back like she was in an invisible recliner.

“A very large spider. His name is L’yophin.” Soltana explained.

Shindow’s eyes went wide and she squealed with glee.

“A Dugrum spider! Scarabaeidae!

“Wait! L’yophin? Sepulcher spoke of him…” Shindow hurriedly began.

“You know of him?” Soltana asked, confused by Shindow’s response.

“I only heard of him. I always wanted to meet Scarabaeidae, they’re so cute!” Shindow replied while hugging herself and kicking her tiny legs out.

“They’re emissaries, or at least L’yophin is. You might be closer to civilization; human civilization!” She went on.

“I have not seen any signs of humanity. He appears to be living alone,” Soltana explained.

“Fascinating. I can’t wait-” Shindow began before she was cut off.

Soltana was suddenly in deep space, viewing the massive white supergiant.

It spoke with the voice of a caring father.

“They will need your assistance. Be the Guardian they need.”

The dream ended.

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