Author’s Notes: Rewrites

Happy 4th of July! I am currently rewriting the first book as we speak, where I will then upload here again. Expect a lot of activity sometime this month!  I am about 1/3 the way through the rewrite, with most of it frontloaded for the first chapters as they needed the most help. The later Gideon chapters will not need as much of a rewrite.

Soltana’s chapters will get a bit more bulk added. It was difficult to make lengthy chapters from an unmoving head. The core of it will remain.

Now on to the third character that needed the most help: Tetra. Her first chapter was just rewritten. Her character has changed completely and now has a depth that I can use for a book (or two!). She’s not human anymore. But what is she then? Stay tuned.

One the rewrite is finished, I’ll be onto the third book: The Book of Tetra.

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