The Book of Soltana – Abbadon – Amy – 70




The portal shrieked as it winked out, vanishing from reality. She breathed a sigh of wonder and relief. She had never experienced anything quite like that before. For one, someone actually liked her cheese! And she made new friends, gathered an assortment of reality changing Thrones, collected a rare demon, and was now home; safe and sound! It was no surprise, afterall she was the best. No one was like her. She eclipsed every living being in terms of raw skill, talent, knowledge, ability, and lovably adorable charismatic personality. Except for her god, Lucifer.

“I’m the best!” She announced to no one.

Sparkling black light appeared in her massive open palm, revealing the tiny demon statue. It was hooded and robed in smoky darkness, sporting four arms. The greater Breatherman stood as a ten-inch statue. She gently kissed it as she flapped her crow wings to her collection shelf. Demon statues densely decorated her menagerie. She placed it gently next to the Imp wrecker and Mindreaper. She narrowed her eyes, blinking rapidly as she let out a grunt, slightly adjusting the statue so it was just perfect. And it was because she had compressed the demon down into tiny figure. The scene was perfect, with all of the demons decorating her shelf in tiers, with the top empty. She had collected no gods yet. She would keep looking, as Slate- or Nemesis Leviathan as she was now known was her bestie and it would be rude to do such a thing. Perhaps that Void thing would adorn her collection.

“Meh, gods are plenty. I’ll get one for sure!” Amy declared.

She flapped her wings contently as she turned to survey her room. You never knew when another angel would get cheeky. The entire room was a bed, the floor lines with a pink mattress and enough frilly pillows for every housewife in Magara; or close enough. The massive room sported a near village sized layout of pillow forts, with the tall tower in the center. Everything appeared in order, with her tower still standing.

“No one broke into my room! I’m the best!” Amy shouted as she tapped out the tower. A foundational pillow shot away, relieved of the pressure. And then it began to topple.

“Wah! Wait! You better not fall-” Amy began to protest as the tower of pillows impacted into her, burying her deep. Her muffled sigh emitted from the plush disaster scene. Thousands of stuffed animals were lost in that moment.

“Mayor Dorkins…” Amy muttered as she popped her head up to survey the wreckage.

The tower had crashed a swathe into the town, crushing both the hospital and school.

“Mm. See that mayor? That’s why you don’t put them close together- oh yeah you just died on the impact- oh!” Amy trailed off with a sigh. She flapped her wings, freeing herself from the sewn rubble.

“Oh yeah! Lucy! I have Thrones!” Amy cried, rushing to her door. She began the arduous process of unlocking the bank vault of an entrance.

The door opened with the grinding of gears rang out.

“Bye town, we will rebuild! But first, we mourn for the losses! Or something!” Amy broadcasted to the plush town.

She closed the vault of her room, arming the dozen locks that adorned the structure.

She glanced into the large hall, scanning for sneaks and spies. The massive white marble columns made it easy for one to skulk around. She spread out her senses, feeling nothing.

“See? No one can sneak up on me! I’m the best!” Amy declared as she stretched out her small wings. She waddled her way to the center of the hall, feeling the moist crimson carpet. The blood relaxed her, as it did with many of the other angels.

She flapped her wings, soaring across the ground to the throne room. Lucy would definitely be there, waiting for her return.

And my dear Amy, love of my life, how did you do it? Amy thought, pondering on what Lucifer would say.

She passed by a demon slave holding a tray. Its tall and thing skeletal form begged to be bullied. And so she did. Amy halted on a dime, spinning around to fly into the demon, crashing into its back and splaying it to the floor. She spun around and continued her journey, the demon lying in a stunned heap.

“You need to keep beating them up or their heads get too big! I won’t tolerate that at all, no sir!”

Amy congratulated herself for her job well done. Putting demons in their places was her calling, after all.


She passed by several other angels, all discussing topics in the shadow. She wouldn’t let their distracting glances divert her from her victory. These were her Thrones- Lucifer’s Thrones!

Oh, Amy! I have never felt so much love for you. Let’s… Celebrate… Amy imagined what Lucifer would say.


“Oh stop it, Lucy! They’re watching us!” Amy said aloud with a blush, replying to her own one-sided fantasy.

Let them watch! Our love burns like the brightest of suns… Amy could hear Lucifer’s praise now.

She rushed to the throne room, finding it empty apart from the Seraphim.

“Lucy!” Amy shouted, palming her mouth.

The Seraphim snapped their cowled heads to her. She felt their gazes and chills down her spine. She didn’t like Seraphim.

She turned to the closest one, gazing up at its twenty-foot form. It was massive, robed in grey, gripping it’s equally tall heavenly halberd. The six-bladed wings resembled grandswords.

“S-seraphim!” Amy stuttered a command.

The Seraphim craned its long cowled head downward. Amy avert her eyes, staring at its splayed three-toed feet. One of the massive talons clicked against the gleaming marble, causing her to jump and avert her gaze again to the hallway she had just arrived from. She cleared her throat, trying to recover from the intimidation.

Stay calm! Do it for Lucy!

“Seraphim! W-where is our god, Lucifer?”

The bassy voice responded, rumbling the air and floor, closer to a landslide. She theorized if it sang, it would have cracked the marble.

“In her quarters.”

She gulped at its voice. She really didn’t like Seraphim.

“Ok bye!” She barked as she flew past the throne room, past the narrow halls and into the holy of holies of her god. The change of scenery was instant. The floors, walls, and ceiling was made of transparent gold, sparkling from the underlit lights. She caught her breath at traversing the halls again. It never ceased to awe her. She folded her wings back, waddling her way to Lucifer’s egress. The solid gold lion’s head door stood sentinel to her, towering above with it’s massive cat grin. The sixty foot gate glinted along the flowing light. There were no seams, or any sign at all that it was anything but an ornately decorated wall.

She waddled in close, her robes trailing behind as she tentatively moved to the door, worried it would snap her up like a lion to a gnat. She breathed heavily, calming herself as her massive hands trembled. She wrapped a knuckle to the door and pulled back, bracing for anything. A five-by-five foot brick along the bottom of the golden mane pushed from the door, before sliding into the floor. She blinked quickly, processing that she was welcome.

She waddled through, catching her breath as she witnessed Lucifer’s quarter’s once again. The first to greet her was the din of noise of song, crowds, and passion. The second to greet her were the sights of the sun on high, the sky filled with clouds filled with beings of all sorts, and the massive expansive horizon. This was Lucifer’s quarters, her domain, and her Throne she occupied. They were in Abbadon. The third feeling to greet her was her feet giving way to the ground of golden coins, carpeting the land as far as she could see. Mounds and mountains alike dotted the land, filled with treasure beyond number. Treasure beyond counting. She spotted beings of every race, barring demons, dotting the land. Some were massive dragons, lounging in the wealth, while others were diminutive goblins, gathering up the gold to be counted.

Amy flapped her crow wings, taking flight into the golden sky. Floating clouds densely packed the horizon, filled with people in various states of worship, song, and other passions. As Lucifer put it, everything was permissible and everything was beneficial. Amy averted her eyes as she flew higher, towards the only massive glowing celestial object in the heavens.


She passed a choir of cherubs, singing constant praises to their god. It took every molecule of strength to not stop and join in.

Can’t be distracted now by those adorable cherubs. Maybe later!


She flew closer, ever closer to her destination, but it felt she only moved away from the land and clouds below. The sun in the heavens stood ever present. She simply flew on, unphased by the trick. She shielded her eyes as she broke through the glowing spherical barrier and into the luxurious estate within. She caught her breath at the palace.

It was made completely out of ivory. Dragon bones, carved and polished into gothic bone walls and colonnades, sloping roofs and imposing gargoyles. The support buttresses directed her eyes to the welcoming entrance, up the ivory stairs and into Lucifer’s bedroom. Her heart caught in her throat as she landed at the base of the stairs and began waddling her way up the ascension. Guards dotted the area, armored in gold plate, sporting their signature lion helms.

Lucifer’s Champions.

Glorified Ones.

Ascended beings beyond the old world Man or even Faithful Ones. Trained in the fire of Lucifer’s hell, forged in the Lake of Fire, each had slain armies worth of foes to prove their worthiness to the god of all. She had pondered if she could even defeat one. Their lion helmets masked their emotions, only showing savage bestial grimaces. She clasped her hands, waddling to the entrance.

A Champion clicked the butt of his halberd down, blocking her way to the door.

“And what, Angel of Liberal Arts, is your purpose for the unannounced arrival?” One of the guards spoke, loud enough for it to travel to the others.


Amy flinched at her least liked title being used as a slap against her. Just because they were closest to Lucifer didn’t mean they could have such big heads! Amy was sure to give them a piece of her mind, no one treated her that way.


“U-uh I’m here to deliver the T-thrones as she- well- r-requested,” Amy spoke, her voice quieting to a stuttered response.

The guard breathed out his nose in a scoff.

“Hand them to me and I shall deliver them to her-”

Amy’s anger flared up. She wouldn’t let them take her glory.

“I-I have a Throne h-here. W-will you let me pass?” Amy meekly responded. Her hands glowed, revealing a twin-bladed shortsword. She gingerly handed it to the guard, lowering her head.

The guard grasped the sword, peering to the others with a smug nod.

“Now that your purpose is finished Angel of Liberal Arts; run along,” the guard chided.

Amy snapped her head up, peering at the taller Champion.

“B-but I need to see Lucifer! I have information as well!” She retorted.

The guard scoffed again, shaking his head at her. He lowered down to her level, slowly explaining to a child, “well then, tell me what you’ve discovered, and I will relay that to god.”


Stand firm! You have to get in. They’re just testing you to see if you’re worthy- which I am! I’ll show these big idiots!


She adjusted her robes, standing firm, “u-uh, yeah it’s about… Well about the stuff I-I did- you know all of that fighting, hehe- and getting that Throne and…”

You idiot! Stand firm-

With a vacuum thump, the door swung inward.

“Enter,” the calm and collected voice ordered. It rang as a golden bell, as warm a welcoming coast.

And yet as cold as hell itself.

Amy shivered at the call, glancing to the guard who sheathed the new weapon in his belt. Amy gave him a snide scoff as she waddled to Lucifer’s presence.

“To bond with it, grasp the item and press into it with your mind! But I wouldn’t do that, no sir!” Amy offered, her spine suddenly returning in the presence of her god.

The guard scoffed, gently palming the divine weapon.

That big idiot. It’ll see if he’s worthy- you can’t just use it!


She caught her breath upon entering Lucifer’s sanctuary. Her holy of holies. The crimson interior practically pulsed with life. The room was lavishly decorated in red silk and satan, gold and silver, adamantite and orhicalcum. The vaulted ceilings glowed with sprites, slowly drifting aloft as they lit the room. In the center was a massive round bed. In the center was one lounging Lucifer, sultry and sensual, clothed in a thin satin robe. Lucifer was staring right at her, with those intense azure eyes. Amy’s throat stuck with a gulp too big for her at the sight of the Archcherubim. Lucifer glowed with glory. Amy had learned to tell the many types of glory Lucifer displayed. Amy felt jealousy blossoming as her imagination swam.

“You’ve brought something?” Lucifer asked.

A shriek echoed out from behind, followed by the whipping scissor shisking snicker snack of blades before suddenly cutting off. Lucifer barely spared a glance to the doorway before moving her head a fraction back to Amy. Shouts of surprise and cries for aid rang out, all of which were ignored by the god.

Hah! That big idiot. Looks like the Throne rejected him. Wouldn’t you know it? Those corrupted artifacts don’t like us pure beings; that’s why we give them to Lucifer first- you dummy!


Amy cajoled herself before being dragged back into the presence of her god. A simple squint of Lucifer’s eyes broke Amy’s train of thought.

“Y-yes, my god almighty. I have brought a Throne, seized from a vessel I have tracked for a time- a-and a time!” Amy added, making sure to grandiose her story.

Lucifer stood stock still, eyeing her with a stifling intensity. Amy’s heart caught as she felt her cheeks burning. Lucifer squinted her eyes, tilting her head.

“Well?” Her gesture spoke.

“Oh, right!” Amy shook from her trance as she mentally went through her astral inventory, choosing the correct Throne.

Her hand glowed, revealing the coolest looking Throne she found.

The bead of glass eyes glinted in the light.

“See? I found these? Aren’t they so cool?” Amy excitedly stated.

A slight smile drifted along Lucifer’s lush mouth. She rose, almost revealing her two mounds of glory before adjusting her thin robe. She sat along the bed, crossing her long supple legs. She spotted the absolute divine corded muscles. Amy looked up, catching Lucifer’s smirk as she cocked a head. Amy again tried to swallow, finding she couldn’t. Lucifer’s slender hand gentle collected the Throne, tumbling around her palm. She closed her eyes, breathing in deep.

“Ah, Einayim, The Vigilant Eyes of God,” Lucifer explained, breathing a seductive trembling sigh.

The Throne vanished away in golden light, dazzling Amy. She blinked away the glare, seeing Lucifer giving her a very intense look, her lips subtly smiling. Lucifer danced an eyebrow as she gently grasped one of Amy’s pointed talon fingers.

“You have obeyed my will. Come with me,” Lucifer commanded as she rose, towering over the smaller angel. Amy gulped as she glanced to her shins, seeing that the robe barely covered anything. Lucifer’s golden bell laugh rang out.

“Why avert your eyes? Drink deeply of your god, my Amy,” Lucifer spoke, gently leading her away to the balcony. Amy obeyed, taking in her sculpted form, rolling hills, glistening sweat, and taught glory.

Lucifer let go, leaning along the balcony, staring off into the galactic plane of her domain. Amy followed her gaze, seeing the long line of connecting planets in the distance, hanging on a wire above a blackhole, suspended perfectly. She trembled at witnessing Lucifer’s work. The collection and theft of planets had swung sectors into chaos. Informants had relayed that demons were suspected, which diverted attention away from Lucifer and the Fallen. The galaxy still had only whispered hints of her return.

Amy glanced back to the bed, seeing another figure she had missed. The human they had captured. The one with the Seal, lying stock still in the bed, tangled in the covers. Amy waddled a step, her heart hurting at the dawn of her realization of what she interrupted.

Lucifer… But her glory is only for me-

Jealous, are you?” Lucifer asked, as if reading her thoughts.

Amy turned back, seeing the Archcherubim’s jutting curves as she faced the galactic structure on the horizon.

Amy’s heart stopped upon seeing the backless robe. And a thousand scarred lashes along her god’s back.

“Lucy- my god, what happened!” Amy shrieked as she gazed at the wounds.

“Mm? Oh yes, this was Azazel’s failure,” Lucifer explained nonchalantly as she turned to side sit, leaning against the balcony.

Amy waddled to sit beside her. She cocked her hooded head, glancing worriedly up at her god.

“Did Azazel do this? I’ll destroy him!” Amy flustered with anger at the idea of someone hurting her Lucy.

“He did. I ordered it,” Lucifer explained, placing a slender hand around Amy’s shoulder.

Amy’s eyes widened to saucers as you looked into the serene sapphire eyes of her god.

“W-what? W-w-why!?” Amy’s voice dropped to a whisper. Lucifer’s voice lowered, her tone cold, her eyes stared ahead towards the man in the bed.

“Because no other punishment fashioned would have caused Azazel to learn as much as this… Particular torture,” She smiled with her eyes, as if reminiscing what should have been a journey of agony.

“El’ihm’aushia,” Lucifer added, speaking the ominous word aloud.

Amy visibly shuddered upon hearing her most feared word. A pain beyond understanding. A pain beyond existence.

“For who?” Amy asked.

The question was left silently hanging.

“He failed his commandment. He had two Seal Holders within his grasp and floundered them to a demon- a god of all things,” Lucifer elucidated.

“A god??” Amy gasped, remembering who her new ‘bestie’ was.

“His name was Neon, the Emerald God. A pseudonym. Two Seal holder are now in the grasp of a demon,”

“Oh Lucy, I’m sorry-”

“-Two Seal holders are in the grasp of a demon!” Lucifer repeated with a shout as she snapped to her feet, her anger boiling out as she gripped an adamantite lamp, “and not in my loving embrace!” She shrieked as she gripped the holy alloy in both hands and twisted. Amy covered her face as the adamantite strained.

And then buckled, twisting in a horrific squeal of divine metal. Lucifer narrowed her eyes, dropping the suddenly super heated detritus to the floor, the crimson silk instantly catching fire. Amy gulped at the sheer strength, finesse, and intellect needed to manipulate such a metal with ease. In other words, a god. The Archcherubim ignored the smoking ruins as the metal instantly cooled, leeching the flames from the floor.

Lucifer let out a long strained breath as she idly licked her teeth.

“And so, Azazel was forced to hurt the one thing he couldn’t bear to. Me.”


Lucifer bent over, displaying herself to Amy. The angel choked on her words, averting her eyes as the Archcherubim gathered the remnants of the precious lamp.

“But just like this lamp that has failed me, he too can be remade,” She cryptically announced as her hands glowed and the metal began to flow like water, reshaping itself in a jagged wired bowl. It appeared to be made more of woven crystal than adamantite, sharing only in the phthalo blue. She placed the bowl on the cherry elderwood table, an old home for a new object.

Lucifer sat back on the bed, patting it for Amy to come. Her heart lept at the invitation. She waddled to her, as if in a trance. She sat beside her god, her breath coming out ragged.

This was it.

“I also met a god,” Amy stated with a trembling voice.

Lucifer cocked an eyebrow, pursing her mouth. Amy rushed her words, trying everything to not displease her.

“I met her on the ship I reclaimed the Thrones from. I had taken one of her demons and so we fought. Some other people were there too but they got crushed in the fight. And then she heard I made cheese!” Amy stated excitedly.

Lucifer visibly blanched upon hearing that. Probably because she wasn’t there to enjoy the cheese.

“And so she ate and ate… and ate and ate! She ate like a quarter of my entire supply of cheese!”

Lucifer’s face became cold neutral, “you mean to tell me you’ve been making… Cheese for eons?”

Amy nodded, continuing at Lucifer’s eye roll and hand wave.

“And so we became besties-”

“-Besties?” Lucifer interrupted, repeating the word as if she had tasted sludge.

“Best friends! Lucy, I have a best friend on top of you- Uh I mean beneath you, of course!” Amy announced before retreating.

Lucifer’s outburst calmed as she tumbled the news in her head, “what is she like?” Lucifer asked, taking a new interest.

“Oh she’s so great, she loves my cheese, plays games, is lonely and bored, and a real cool person!”

Lucifer tipped her head, her cobalt eyes gazing into Amy’s somatheonic self, “interesting, maybe we can all meet. For tea,” Lucifered offered. Amy felt that penetrating stare, feeling compelled to continue.

“Well, she was all like-” Amy began, but felt the gentle touch against her wing.

“What is it that you desire for my reward?” Lucifer inquired, her voice trembling on that last word.

Amy’s breath caught, her vision swimming with black spots.

“I- uh- I- The…”

“The usual?” Lucifer offered, a slight smile forming.

“Uh-huh,” Amy replied with a quick nod.

Lucifer gesture for her to lie down. Amy hopped on the bed to her belly, flexing her wings. The god sat on her knees, just above the smaller angel.

Oh my Lucy, this is it!


She felt Lucifer’s hand caressing her back. Amy’s crow wings twitched in anticipation. Two hands gripped her wings and started the reward.

Amy loved nothing more than wing massages. It was heaven on heaven.


“Ooooh my Lucy…” Amy muttered at feeling the stress of the battles melt away.

She felt a tight pinch in her wing joint, flinching at the pain and hard grip.

“You have a knot here, relax…” Lucifer cooed.

Amy glanced up, seeing the human that also occupied the bed. She spotted his left hand, seeing the Seal. Gentle humming rang out from Lucifer as she continued to knead out the tight wings.

“His exorcism has truly been difficult,” Lucifer began as Amy felt her gentle hands brushing through her feathers, “wonderful in the sack,” Lucifer added with a grunt as she began compressing a wing joint. Amy let out a stifled squeak at the words and sudden pressure.

Amy appreciated physical affection, but the human’s habits for their… connecting passions felt icky to her. Lucifer had spoken of her conquests in such fashions, but Amy did not judge her god. Never ever.

“Do you think this god would like to meet?” Lucifer offered, gently massaging her wing tips.

“Oh Lucy. I don’t know- she might not like the extra-” Amy couldn’t get out as her senses overloaded with a sudden pleasure and blasting of light from her wings.

“There, a little healing magic and all finished,” Lucifer stated warmly.

Her vision narrowed, with her ears roaring through a tunnel. She could barely comprehend the uphoria.

“Yeah… She might like that,” Amy amended.

“What was her name again?” Lucifer asked, leaning down to Amy’s ear.

Did I tell her? Of course I did. Not her real name, though, that stuff’s dangerous!

Amy didn’t think much of it, it was just a fake name anyways.

“Slate. Her name is Slate,” Amy announced.

Amy turned her head to the left, staring into Lucifer’s eyes as she leaned over her.

Lucifer pulled back the cowl, giving her a mother’s kiss to her wrinkled forehead.

“Now I need to meet her. Best friends with Amy, the love of my life? I must meet her,” Lucifer spoke in a glowing tone.

“OK!” Amy squeaked.

Amy felt her senses fading away, her very being drifted aloft on heavenly clouds. She felt the breath of Lucifer against her neck.

She couldn’t wait for them to meet.

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