Not a Chapter: Updates and Book 3

It’s been too long. I’ve been busy with life, relationship, and work. The first book is about 50% rewritten, which I will be updating the older chapters. I have removed many superfluous chapters which will be added later as new content. Book 3’s draft is almost complete. Tetra’s rewrite is underway, which will be posted here. I am still alive, but busy with a new season of life.

I’ve decided book 3 will be about Gideon’s journey and arrival to Lo-Nine, meeting Soltana, Ruth, and Co. in the process. The church is also involved, figuring out his route and catching up to him. The Watchers will be present. And perhaps some gods and an angelic liar. They all meet at Lo-Nine.

For a bonus treat, here is a character illustration of Shindow by Michael Lynch.



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