Anomaly-012: Inept Demon Thief


Moniker: Inept Demon Thief

Threat Level: Beta to Kappa 1


Anomaly-012 stands at three feet high on four legs or five feet on two legs. Flesh is that of consistent, black, rubbery scales. Shovel shaped head sports two large, independent eyes, nostrils, and a wide mouth filled with pointed teeth. Limbs used for multiple focuses, such as crawling, walking, climbing, manipulating, and most of all, theft. Anomaly-012 is equipped with a dimensional storage bag, capable of holding items or even organic life far larger than the bag itself. Anomaly-012 and storage bag appear to be a single entity, thus no child designation necessary. Anomaly-012 is capable of kidnapping, but has shown more propensity for valuables, showing no understanding of delayed gratification.

Anomaly-012’intelligence is borderline nonsentient. Anomaly-012’s cognitive abilities range from a three to four year old infant. Cognitive Ability in the range of 45-50, showing nearly 6 standard deviations from the average. Anomaly-012 responds well to physical discipline, treats, and bribes alongside verbal communication. Anomaly-012 shown to be a demonic entity and is affected by Anomalies that benefit or harm demonic lifeforms. Anomaly-012 shows little characteristic strength all demonic entities receive and is quite frail in comparison. Anomaly-012 is mostly passive, awaiting simple and direct orders. Capable of using basic Anomalous Energies (dubbed ‘magic’ by laymen) to emit fine sand dust particles from his hands to blind and distract subjects. Capable of using Anomalous Energies to steal random items from subjects from afar, usually to unpredictable consequences. Anomaly-012 can throw dimensional bag and shelter inside, leading to unique instances of escape. Dimensional bag has shown to be immune to any sort of physical, environmental, elemental, or other Anomalous Energies, revealing a potentially dangerous trump card yet seen. Anomaly-012 to count, has no history of slaying subjects or winning any physical confrontations. Anomaly-012 ranges from Beta (Harmless) OR Kappa (individual threat) level 1 if under orders from a greater demonic entity.


A simple aluminum cell of 6 feet by 6 feet suffices.



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