Anomaly-013: The Guardian



Moniker: The Guardian

Threat Level: Phi Omicron


Anomaly-013 stands at seven feet tall, sporting long sandy hair, and clothed in black robes from given by CONFIDENTIAL. Described as a heavenly beauty, ‘sculpted by God himself’ for The Subject’s testimony. Anomaly-013’s flesh is a flexible alabaster and weighed in at seven hundred pounds. Anomaly-013 sports a pair of pearlescent scaled wings that can be materialized on command.  Anomaly-013 keeps their eyes covered, hiding the sunlight intensity underneath. When asked, Anomaly-013’s answer is that they ‘cannot control their glory just yet.’

Anomaly-013 was discovered on planet CONFIDENTIAL alongside Anomaly-011 where both were in a state of constant battle. Anomaly-011 was supposedly pacified, leaving Anomaly-013 free to meet The Subject. Primetech theorized Anomaly-013 was destined to meet The Subject. Anomaly-013 describes losing their valued weapon (Anomaly Unknown).

Anomaly-013 is capable of materializing multidimensional selves, including limbs, appendages, or entire copies. Used in great effect in her battle against Anomaly-011. Capable of also materializing duplicate items that they are given. Tests were performed and it was found that temporary items, such as ammunition, would vanish from non-materialized pulse guns. However, once ammunition, medical supplies, injectors or even power nacelles were spent, the point was moot, leaving behind no waste. Duplication of nanite injectors is suspect as the nanite themselves vanish after Anomaly-013 ceases their power. Recommend laser weaponry or explosive ordnance for armament detail. For duplicates, max limit obtained was 128 maintained copies at the cost of Anomaly-013’s combat performance to bare minimum levels. Anomaly-013’s second ability is channel power to create local wormholes, capable of connecting at least two points in space. Tests performed showed portals to be extremely forgiving. Anomaly-013 placed an object halfway inside and ceased the portal. The item was immediately ejected unharmed, causing pain and discomfort to Anomaly-013. Shearing theory was debunked, however, she did state her ‘master’ CONFIDENTIAL was capable of such feats. Capable of channeling a holy aura, blessing the armaments of their allies. 

Anomaly-013 appears to be a juvenile form of CONFIDENTIAL and is still growing, despite their considerable age.

Anomaly-013’s allegiance is described with ‘the Kingdom of Heaven and God’. For all intents and purposes, Anomaly-013 will be considered threat level Phi Omicron. No containment ever. Anomaly-013 is open to the idea of destroying other dangerous Anomalies.



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