Anomaly-014: Automata Head


Moniker: Automata Head

Threat Level: Iota Phi Omicron


Anomaly-14 is a damaged four and a half foot tall metallic head weighing approximately four hundred pounds. The outer alloy is of an ornate filigree design made of the material AMC-881. Anomaly-014 sports no other facial features apart from two glowing eyes. Anomaly-014 is sentient, capable of advanced speech, thought, and logic. Anomaly-014 is insatiable for information, desiring to learn of hard sciences, personal stories, and novelty fiction. Upon questioning, Anomaly-014 at first had no recollection of their past but quickly changed as time went on, apparently remembering more. Theories state that the more Anomaly-014 is cared for and repaired, the more they remember. Anomaly-014 also describes as having dreamed, a strange trait for an artificial lifeform. As of now, Anomaly-014’s dreams are more of a novelty finding.

Physical stress tests show Anomaly-014 is nearly indestructible. temperature tests show Anomaly-014 is capable of absorbing heat up to 3000 Kelvin, only limited by the equipment on hand. Tests performed show AMC-881 has incredible heat absorption properties. A heated copper cable was attached to melted slag and then touched to Anomaly-014’s chassis. Within moments, both the copper cable and slag had become super-cooled. Applications for such a metal are limitless. Test show Anomaly-014 to be immune to blast, kinetic, acidic, and projectile damage. Anomaly-014 was just as curious about their durability as the science team and was under no distress by such tests. A transparent film of AMC-881 even covers the eyes. The only known weakness is Anomaly-014’s exposed neck and cabling. Attaching power nacelles also reveals her cabling to be similar to a tree root or vines, taking the nacelle in as a part of Anomaly-014’s whole. Anomaly-014 describes feeling the nacelle and cabling, implying it to be an artificial quantum nervous system.

Anomaly-014 appears to be docile and friendly. However, due to her damage, her usefulness is unquantifiable at this time.


Anomaly-014 reveals they have dreamed of The Subject, promoting her ability to dream from novelty to critical. Revealing that The Subject did indeed survive their test flight.

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