Anomaly 015: Liberal Angel


Moniker: Liberal Angel

Threat Level: Lambda 5


Anomaly-015 stands at four feet tall, swathed in an over-sized blue robe, sporting two enormous gauntlets, and two tiny crow wings. Hiding its hideous figure underneath, Anomaly-015 is extremely shy about their physical appearance. Very anxious over their title “Angel of Liberal Arts”. Anomaly-015’s personality is that of an arrogant, insecure, and immature juvenile; possibly through long suffered trauma. Anomaly-015 appears knowledgeable in all things demonic, claiming they were assigned by “God” to study and combat said demonic entities before they “fell”. Anomaly-015 will not cease asking questions on the confidential technology. Anomaly-015 was given a childcare toy to placate them, which they believe is a complex quantum device. They insult others when shown to be incorrect or foolish; showing a large and fragile ego. Anomaly-015 has an immense infatuation with Anomaly-666; typical of all fallen angels.

Anomaly-015 has shown to be able to manipulate Anomalous Energies (AE; ‘Magic’ for the laypersons) of many elemental specialties.  Anomaly-015 is also capable of channeling AE without the use of incantations, using them to disrupt and bamboozle foes by casting telegraphing incorrect spells similar to how one would say one is going rock when one is actually going scissors. Anomaly-015 has shown an immense aptitude for dissecting, commanding, controlling, growing, changing, and slaying demonic entities. Despite their major flaws, Anomaly-015 has shown to be one of the more effective weapons against demonkind. Capable of using a simple spell to gain permanent control of demonic entities up to Elder Demon Classification and has shown to be immune to all damage from demonkind. Injuries, however, from other sources is still present. Most of all, Anomaly-015 is capable of summoning and molding demonic crystal, materializing lesser imps en masse. Demonic entities are capable of growing and even breaking from their mother crystal.

Anomaly-015 is also capable of hunting and finding rare valuables, as if by a sixth or seventh sense. Obsessed with finding and retrieving CONFIDENTIAL for Anomaly-666 in a meager attempt to gain their frigid affection.  Classification is currently Lambda-5, escalating by 1 for each collected demon under her control. Threat Level to escalate if Anomaly-015 retrieves and equips a CONFIDENTIAL.


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