Anomaly 015: Liberal Angel

Anomaly-015 Moniker: Liberal Angel Threat Level: Lambda 5 Description: Anomaly-015 stands at four feet tall, swathed in an over-sized blue robe, sporting two enormous gauntlets, and two tiny crow wings. Hiding its hideous figure underneath, Anomaly-015 is extremely shy about their physical appearance. Very anxious over their title “Angel of Liberal Arts”. Anomaly-015’s personality is […]

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Anomaly-011: The Durable Prince

Anomaly-011 and Anomaly-011-A Moniker: The Durable Prince Anomaly-011 Threat Level: Gamma 3 Anomaly-011-A Threat Level: Beta 1 Combined Threat Level: Gamma 4 Description: Anomaly-011 discovered on the ruined planet of CONFIDENTIAL. Anomaly-011 appears to be a six and a half foot tall grey gargoyle, thin, and wiry with some muscle density. Anomaly-011 has one set […]

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The Book of Soltana: Epilogue – 67

Epilogue Resurrection Underrealm Genius Loci He was triumphant. Genius Loci walked along the rocky path with a strut in his steps. “It worked!” he said aloud, uncaring for witnesses, “I had images in my head of what she would look like, but I never expected that! Talk about subverted expectations… And she named herself Maw, […]

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The Book of Soltana: Exit – 65

Exit The Decima Aboard the Skylon Gideon   He sat in the Decima’s now full hangar bay, contemplating the news of the one they rescued. It explained her shady nature; that something wasn’t quite right. “Really? That was why you acted unscrupulously?” Gideon asked in frustration. Monday explained with a sigh. “Yes. My former husband […]

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The Book of Soltana: Takeoff – 64

Takeoff Underrealm Ruth Maw S’yliska She dreamed. Ruth blinked in confusion at the incredibly lucid vision. One moment she was in L’yophin’s guest room, the next she was elsewhere. She sat among open plains, surrounded by sunflowers. She gazed at the rolling hills of yellow as far as she could see. The cumulus lazily drifted […]

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The Book of Soltana: Aftermath – 62

Aftermath Underrealm Soltana Soltana awoke, feeling her quantum charge full. She peered down, feeling a power cable attached to her neck. She gently plucked it from her chassis, severing the connection to the ship’s nacelles. She was back in the Sigmafly, propped up on some metal crates. “L’yophin must have hooked me up. Now I […]

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