Anomaly 015: Liberal Angel

Anomaly-015 Moniker: Liberal Angel Threat Level: Lambda 5 Description: Anomaly-015 stands at four feet tall, swathed in an over-sized blue robe, sporting two enormous gauntlets, and two tiny crow wings. Hiding its hideous figure underneath, Anomaly-015 is extremely shy about their physical appearance. Very anxious over their title “Angel of Liberal Arts”. Anomaly-015’s personality is […]

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Anomaly-011: The Durable Prince

Anomaly-011 and Anomaly-011-A Moniker: The Durable Prince Anomaly-011 Threat Level: Gamma 3 Anomaly-011-A Threat Level: Beta 1 Combined Threat Level: Gamma 4 Description: Anomaly-011 discovered on the ruined planet of CONFIDENTIAL. Anomaly-011 appears to be a six and a half foot tall grey gargoyle, thin, and wiry with some muscle density. Anomaly-011 has one set […]

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Anomaly-010: The Black Cube

Anomaly-010: Moniker: The Black Cube Threat: Iota 1 Description: Anomaly-010 is 4 inches by 4 inches by 4 inches in a perfect cube shape. Anomaly-010 is described as the color of ’empty deep space’. The Subject’s testimony declared they could not feel Anomaly-010 with sense of touch, weight, smell, light, or perception. Anomaly-010 leaks low […]

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The Book of Soltana: Epilogue – 67

Epilogue Resurrection Underrealm Genius Loci He was triumphant. Genius Loci walked along the rocky path with a strut in his steps. “It worked!” he said aloud, uncaring for witnesses, “I had images in my head of what she would look like, but I never expected that! Talk about subverted expectations… And she named herself Maw, […]

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The Book of Soltana: Exit – 65

Exit The Decima Aboard the Skylon Gideon   He sat in the Decima’s now full hangar bay, contemplating the news of the one they rescued. It explained her shady nature; that something wasn’t quite right. “Really? That was why you acted unscrupulously?” Gideon asked in frustration. Monday explained with a sigh. “Yes. My former husband […]

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