Anomaly-010: The Black Cube


Moniker: The Black Cube

Threat: Iota 1

Description: Anomaly-010 is 4 inches by 4 inches by 4 inches in a perfect cube shape. Anomaly-010 is described as the color of ’empty deep space’. The Subject’s testimony declared they could not feel Anomaly-010 with sense of touch, weight, smell, light, or perception. Anomaly-010 leaks low levels of unknown radiation. The Subject states it did not feel ‘real’. Discovered on Karmmrak with an encounter by CONFIDENTIAL on the planet CONFIDENTIAL in where the Anomaly-010 was then stored in The Subject’s QSD, bypassing all security protocols and encryption without any visible form of interface. Primetech proceeded to inspect Anomaly-010, but were unable to scan or retrieve the Anomaly-010 from quantum storage. Anomaly-010 has denied all permissions to all administration as far up as the CEO’s own access. Anomaly-010 leaks low levels of unknown radiation. The Subject was instructed to continue the test flight scheduled  as per the demands of CONFIDENTIAL. Test flight began until CONFIDENTIAL drive was activated. There has been no more communication with The Subject. The Subject and crew were considered lost. Theories suggest Anomaly-010 redirected The Subject, test vessel, and crew to CONFIDENTIAL territory. Theories unverifiable. Threat level of Anomaly-010 is considered Iota 1.



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