The Book of Gideon: Flesh – 44

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Tettra Dreamed

She stood atop a building. The terrain was of desert and sand, that glistened like gold in the sun. The building she stood atop was made of sculpted sandstone. She saw a large city made of sandstone, many of the buildings were massive. She spotted a gothic church in the center. She heard gunfire and saw the chaos in the streets. Many were fleeing, garbed in church clothing. Some fell to the ground from what looked like javelins of bone. Tettra saw the horrific visage of the predators chasing the church members through the streets. Their twisted bodies changed and flowed like water, some splitting down the middle to become massive maws, others dawning insectile legs from their torsos to move. No two looked alike.

She saw a large group of robed soldiers pushing back, gunning down the mob of twisted abominations. She saw the tracer rounds tearing through the monsters, turning many to splattered paste. Golden motes appearing in the streets from those that were completely destroyed.

“They were people…” Tettra murmured.

She could see sewer grates and drainage systems all along the tight roads. Something began to spill from it. The pale fleshy slime was hideous to behold. It flooded out of the sewers, catching anything and everything in the way. The sound of shrieks and screams filled her ears. She simply heard them, cold to the destruction she witnessed. The flesh filled the roads and overflowed, covering the buildings. She turned in all directions, seeing she was now trapped by the fleshy slime, only a few feet remained on the building; It had become a sea of slime. She saw a massive yellow eye formed, the blood red irise formed a four-pointed star.

It gazed at Tettra.

“Adonai, why? Why did this happen?” It spoke with a booming gurgling voice, accusatory and wounded.

“Who are you?” Tettra asked, gambling that the dream was just that.

I was a child of Adonai. I was Abbess? He left me. I only hunger now. I-I’m broken and lost. Please help… Me…” The pained voice spoke in broken sentences before the eye sunk into the flesh.

She then spotted a being floating above the flesh, sitting atop a throne of jade. It wore a long green robe jacket, with a green dress shirt, vest, and slacks with a frock. It had green socks and shoes. It sat sloppily on its jade throne tilted to the side, hand resting on the knee, and head resting on his long fingers. its face was aged and pitted cueball, its large mouth the only feature; a toothy grin of flat teeth was affixed.

It spoke with a voice filled with sick mirth.

“Eons of blood invested.”

“The toil of labor bore fruit.”

“What once was man is now mine.”

“Do you see the miracle with your eyes?”

“Witness now the future of mankind.”

“Be as nothing but the Flesh of God.”

Tettra felt a chill down her spine, looking upon at the sick creature. Not to mention it couldn’t rhyme.

No one could mistake it for a human.

Or an angel.

It cackled at its own words with a sickening screech like a laughing goat. It looked down at Tettra and cocked its head. its tone and tempo of its voice was off, as if it imitated a poor parody of humanity.

“You. Why are you here?” The creature asked.

“I don’t understand. What is going on- who are you?” Tettra asked curtly her voice trembling, seeing the sea of flesh slowly rise, threatening to engulf her. She knew she was in a dream. She couldn’t be hurt inside of a dream.

She hoped.

The throne did a somersault, sending the creature tumbling down to land on his well-cobbled feet. He stood ten feet, towering over her with limbs that were too long and too thin. The emerald victorian jacket and vest gave him an aura of suave gentlemanly demeanor. The coattails gently swayed in the breeze of the desert wind. He bent down low, his face just inches from Tettra. She took a step back, her heel tapping against the sandstone guardrail. She glanced back, seeing the fleshy sea of slime churning just beneath her. Seeing the liquid flesh disturbed her, but she felt nothing of the people affected.

She turned back to see the creature’s face emitting a disquieting flat toothed smile flooded her view. Tettra’s stomach dropped. She felt nothing from him, no presence, no power; he was a blank spot to her. It reached out and touched her with his hand, gloved in a white emerald wash glove. He jabbed her on the shoulder from his long elegant finger that sported a quarter dozen more joints than a normal finger should have. She was gently pushed back from the press, his back bent low to meet her eye level. She felt no breath and he had no scent to him.

“Me? Who am I?” The creature asked with a playful tone.

It laughed in her face, the shrieking laugh of a goat chilled her, straining her ears.

“Little one, my child, you are so very lost. What has happened to you? Do you like what you see?”

He slapped the question away.

“I-I don’t know. How can you see me? This is a dream!” Tettra announced, trying to remain brave.

“This is true, some can be in a dream and not see or know they are being dreamed of. I, and others like me, have ascended beyond the limits.” The creature spoke, his tone going soft as if another thought trespassed.

He gripped Tettra’s shoulders moving in close to inspect her. He gently grasped her chin, inspecting her soft features, her tan skin, her nutmeg hair, and shamrock green eyes.

“Let me- GO!” Tettra struggled against his grasp that held like a stone vice.

The creature cocked its head and began to chuckle. It built up to a full laugh as he let go, rising to his full ten-foot height and turning away to survey the scenery. The creature had suddenly gone silent, surveying the horrorscape of the flesh covered planet. It turned to address her, his hand fully outstretched. A tiny ray of green emitted from his hand, Tettra fell to her knees, gasping at the sudden pain in her chest.

“I’ll just keep tabs on you. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll see each other again!” It explained.

He gestured to the flesh slime that threatened to engulf her.

“Thank you for this. I realize now what I did wrong. Just a tiny adjustment should fix it.”

Tettra was no longer the focus of attention as it stared off along the ocean of flesh slime. It cocked its head down to her, waving her away with a gesture.

“Now, begone.” The creature spoke, its voice dropped low; all the calm demeanor changed. It pointed a finger, emitting a green ray against her.

Tettra was suddenly taken away, a white sheet tumbling over her.

She was in a white room, the vastness of which dwarfed her to a molecule.

She heard the voice of an understanding father.

“You must stop the tragedy of Titanyia V.”

“Where are you?” Tettra shouted, her voice echoing into nothing.

Silence responded.

The dream ended.

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